‘Betrayed’ by country, employer on health care

Dear editor,

If we continue down the same path we’ve been following for the past 70 years we’re destined to become a second Roman Empire, just an example of a another nation, full of promise, declining into obscurity.

This isn’t being written to place the blame on any particular person or political party, we’ve all been guilty of hiding our heads in the sand when those representing us in Washington trample on our Constitution and permit the branches of government to run amok.

Here are some examples.

The Af fordable Care Act, while its intentions were honorable and needed, was passed as an omnibus piece of legislation designed to “fix” all of the problems with one-sixth of the nation’s economy.

It was a tragically unreadable document that actually prompted one congress woman to suggest that it was necessary to enact the legislation before we could read it.

How was it possible for someone so intellectually deficient to get elected to office to suggest what is proper and right for every American?

We were promised that we’d be able to retain our doctor and our current insurance plans, period.

Perhaps this wasn’t an intentional lie but it was most certainly a promise made without any understanding of the facts.

Personally, I’ve had to take special steps to retain my doctor of 30 years or I would be joining some 600 of his patients who’ve had to seek health care elsewhere.

A week ago the company I served all of my adult life announced to its 110,000 retirees that it will no longer provide health care and that we must join an exchange if we wish to continue to be insured.

I was told when I was hired that if I worked hard and was loyal that the reward would eventually be a comfortable retirement along with the benefits I’d grown used to.

I feel betrayed by both my lifelong employer and my country.

We have a government bureaucracy running rampant, completely out of control and apparently answerable to no one. In one instance we have four dead Americans where no one is held accountable and even simple questions have no apparent answer.

In another we have an agency of government, by its own admission, targeting certain groups because their politics are not in line with someone else’s thinking.

Our Department of Justice seems to selectively chose which apparent legal travesties are worth pursuing and which are not.

Our agencies responsible for our security actually believe they have the right to peek into our daily lives without regard to the guarantees of privacy so clearly spelled out in our Constitution.

Instead of dealing forthright with these issues our politicians chose to use them as anvils upon which to forge political futures.

Whi le it may appear that troublesome matters are being attended to the issues are not being resolved and the mayhem continues.

If there is a solution to all this, and we’re not going to follow the world leaders of the past into some kind of silent oblivion, it lies in returning to our founding principles.

I can think of no test of our founding fathers that has proven them wrong in their original thinking.

Whether you look at the Declaration of Independence, the U. S. Constitution, the Federalist Papers and other writings you will not find a single issue, contemporary or not, that has been ignored.

After reading these documents you will find that there is no single issue that this nation currently faces that was not predictable as a consequence of actions we’ve taken since our founding.

It is time to take a step back and see where we’ve erred and then to take the steps necessary to rectify them.

Dave Ogee

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